Whole30 – Day 20 + Courthouse Farmers Market

Catching up on blogging is really challenging when you’re in the middle of moving!  Photo recap from the Courthouse farmers market this past Saturday. The market is open from 8am to 12pm on Saturdays (April to December) and then 9am to 12pm (Jan to Mar) at the intersection of N Courthouse St and N 14th St. 

Lots of different vendors (flowers, fruit, veggies, fresh baked bread, probiotic yogurt and more).


My Whole30 and barre workout partner in crime and I decided to shop local on saturday morning before going to a warm, restorative yoga class at Spark (we earned it after an almost full week of barre classes).  Here are some of the places we stopped by that morning.


Cibola farms. It is a great place for getting soup bones!  The best ones are the joints/knuckles where youre able to extract a lot of gelatin so you can get your broth to gel. Here’s a link to my post on bone broth.

Don’t have the specific names of the following vendors below but they all had fantastic produce…


Shishito peppers!  These would be great to fry with some ghee and then sprinkle with pink himalayan salt.


Check out the coloring on the squash over to the far left. Perfect lines of yellow and green. Also, beautiful, vibrant red peppers all over the place that day.


Got the last dozen pastured eggs before the chicken sign got turned around.


Picked up some sweet potato greens to lightly sautee with some ghee.


German slicer tomatoes…on sale.


Thyme, rosemary, sage, parsley, cilantro and tarragon.


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