Whole30 – Day 17 + Bone Broth

Ahhhh, bone broth…you warm my soul. I’ve covered bone broth in previous posts which you can revisit here. To most people it probably sounds pretty foul to heat up a cup of soup in a coffee mug and sip away…but maybe you’re an adventerous eater (like me) and will try anything at least once. Even if you never make it to the point where youre drinking broth out of a mug you should at least make some and keep it in your freezer for when you make soups. Think about how much more flavorful your next batch of butternut squash soup or tomato bisque could be if you had a little more flavor from bone broth.

If you’ve made it to day 17 of the Whole30 but your stomach is not quite right then maybe you want to try adding some bone broth into the routine. If you can sip it like coffee for breakfast, great. If not, find some other way to sneak it in.

One more method is to make your own gelatin snacks. Balanced Bites has an awesome recipe for gelatin snacks which is a great way to incorporate more gut healing methods into your routine.

Whole30 is going great and even though I’m getting slightly less than 8 hours of sleep each night I’m feeling energized and waking up about 5 min before my alarm goes off every morning (ugh, 5:50 AM still sounds awful).

For those that haven’t heard, I’m in the middle of packing stuff up in preparation of a west coast move and about 90% of my kitchen just got packed up so no more cooking except for maybe some hard boiled eggs.


I’ve been able to stay on track with salad and grilled meat for lunch and primal pack beef jerky and some hard boiled eggs for breakfast. Sometimes I’ll feel like having a juice so I’ll grab one from South Block and have a cure with my coffee.


Workouts are going well. I’m working out 5 mornings a week now to keep up with the Spark Yoga 30 day challenge. 4 days of barre and one morning of spin class at Revolve. Seems like a lot but it feels good to be done working out by 730 AM. Keeping up with the Instagram part of the challenge has been the hard part…especially when you’re wearing jeans.



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