Whole30 – Day 16 + Nuts and Coffee Rant

Nuts…are they allowed on Whole30 and Paleo? What about almond milk?

Ok, so yes, nuts and nut milks technically allowed. However, it depends on your goals and reasoning for doing Whole30 or paleo as to how much you should be consuming. If you’re trying to decrease body fat and lose weight then you should eat them in moderation (like a handful a day or avoid them completely). Maybe you’re just trying to maintain current conditions or you’re doing the challenge to be supportive of your significant other so it doesn’t matter that much. 

Most people won’t like hearing this but if you’re thinking about using almond milk or coconut milk as a replacement for cream in your coffee, skip it and drink it black. If you’re coffee is unpalatable then try some different, quality coffee. You can even try a different process of brewing coffee.

***Here comes my starbucks rant.*** Try to remember back to the last time you walked in to a starbucks and ordered coffee. What were other people ordering? What other drinks were being called out for customers to pick up? They were all fru-fru starbucks-inspired concoctions, right? Very seldom will you notice people ordering their drip coffee because it tastes like crap. It’s bitter, sometimes charred and will often scald your mouth. It’s a genius process though…brew crappy coffee so people put a bunch of expensive chemical fillers into a cup and call it coffee. Sorry, not sorry about how bad your coffee is. But I don’t blame you Starbucks. In 1971 you started a culture change from my hometown and exploded into a global coffeehouse chain with over 23,300 stores worldwide. How can we expect the quality and attention of a small business from a corporate coffee giant?  It’s just not possible. ***Rant complete***

So you’re trying to lose weight…  What kind of food were you eating before starting the challenge?  Were you eating a lot of nuts? Maybe you eat less of them and start to phase them out for a good portion of the challenge?  Nuts are one of those calorically dense foods that should be avoided if possible. The whole point of doing these challenges should be to incorporate whole, healthly foods into a sustainable lifestyle…not binge on snacks or paleo treats.

I would try to avoid nuts if at all possible. Let’s talk about some options:

1. Buy a chemex
2. Buy some chameleon cold brew coffee

I bought a chemex off Amazon for a prior paleo challenge because our office coffee is seriously worse than Starbucks (honest…it’s incredibly bitter).  I keep my chemex at work with some filters. It’s easy to use and easy to clean. All you need access to is hot water.


Option 2: Find some cold-brewed coffee. Organic is best. You’ll love it because it won’t be bitter since there’s no heat used in the brewing process. It’s about a 12 to 20 hour brewing process and there’s very little acid due to low levels of oxidation.  Chameleon cold brew has a great product and even Trader Joe’s has their own brand. One note of caution…do not drink an entire bottle. This is coffee concentrate so unless you want to be awake for days you should dilute just a little.


I listened to Balanced Bites podcast #90 – Paleo Pitfalls to revisit Diane & Liz’s take on nuts…here’s the summary:

*Go easy on the paleo treats (anything made with almond flour, coconut flour, etc) especially if you want to lose body fat.
*The more you insist on incorporating paleo treats into your lifestyle, the longer it can take to achieve weight loss goals. Diane and Liz compare it to taking a road trip where paleo treats are stops along the road trip. The more you have, the longer it takes to get to the destination.
*See how you react to nuts. They can be hard on the digestive system (same with dried fruit)


2 thoughts on “Whole30 – Day 16 + Nuts and Coffee Rant

  1. So what do you snack on during the day!!?? I love my almonds, pistachios, and cashews (don’t tell me cashews are not a nut!).

    • Love those too (especially that wicked good ski trip trail mix with fresh rosemary)! Snacks? I would try to eat enough so that I stayed full between meals but just in case…hard boiled eggs with homemade mayo, fermented sauerkraut, primal pacs beef jerky sticks, sliced cucumbers with pate and everyones favorite…bacon! That said I do keep an emergency stash of Whole30 approved Larabars on hand.
      What are your backup snacks if there’s no nuts available?

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