Whole30 – Day 15 + Practical Paleo Cookbook


One of my favorite cookbooks (and nutrition books) is Practical Paleo by
Diane Sanfilippo. We talked about Diane in an earlier post because she does the fabulous Balanced Bites podcasts on iTunes.

I bought Practical Paleo for inspiration to cook during my last paleo challenge and was plesantly surprised. Not only were there awesome recipes (there’s a recipe for pate…seriously, PATE!  Amazeballs!) but there was a lot of info on autoimmune disorders, FODMAPS, and really solid reasoning as to why our bodies react the way they do to certain foods. It’s recipes and…So. Much. More.

The book is broken down into three main sections:
1. They Why – Food and Your Body
2. 30 Day Meal Plans
3. Recipes


Doing a paleo challenge and/or a  Whole30 challenge is a great way to begin to adopt a healthier lifestyle but there are also other beneficial side effects such as reduced inflammation, improved digestion and absorption of nutrients and (drum roll…maybe the reason we all want) looking better naked. Aside from the very last item, these are things that might not be noticeable until you’re done with your challenge and begin to reintroduce some foods that were omitted for the challenge. Always pay attention to what you’re eating and how you feel.

There’s a substantial amount of reading and the content can be lightly scientific at times but there’s plenty of infographics and pictures to help drive home the ideas.

But seriously, the book is pretty awesome.  There’s even a section on poop and how to know if you have good digestive health and how you can modify your diet to make improvements.


If you’re thinking about trying paleo or the Whole30 this is an excellent resource to have. It’s incredibly educational and the recipes are easy and delicious!


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