Whole30 – Day 12 + So Many Challenges


Double challenge what?!  Whole30 day 12 marks the first day of double challenges because on this day I also started the Spark Yoga 30 day challenge where I go to one class (yoga, barre or pilates) each day for 30 days.

There’s about 50 Spark participants right now but there’s also a community aspect of posting your variation of a daily asana, or yoga pose, to Instagram (open to everyone!). Every evening, Spark (Instagram: spark_yoga) will post the daily asana for the following day. All you have to do is take a picture of yourself doing your variation of the asana and post it using #30forSpark to Instagram. Anyone can post…you don’t have to actually go to the studio.

Back to Whole30. Surprise, it’s still going great. I stopped by the farmers market this week to get some fresh fruits and vegetables.  Eating a flavorful, farm fresh tomato with some salt is exactly what summer tastes like for me.  


In a future post I am going to talk about resources, as in awesome websites and community supported agriculture (CSA) groups. For now let’s stick to the topic and talk challenges.


So as if doing two challenges wasn’t enough, there’s a wrench being thrown into the works because I’m moving to San Francisco in September and two things will suck:

1. All my stuff is getting packed up so I won’t be able to cook anything during the last 10 days of the Whole30 challenge.
2. I will have to do some 2-a-day workouts to meet the 30 classes before heading out west. Eek.

In closing out this challenge themed post I want to talk about a yoga class I took recently. This class was taught by a wise yogi friend and she reminded us that when we face challenges we can either choose to accept them and make the best of it or we can chide in opposition, kicking and screaming. It’s much more plesant to accept and redirect thoughts to something positive in class and in life. Thank you Marion!


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