Whole30 – Day 11 + Ordering at Restaurants


Accurate cat-trayal of how I’m feeling on day 11 of the Whole30 challenge. Happy and energetic. No more cravings. Yay.


If I were this puppy and these treats were those gummi cherries I was craving at the beginning of the Whole30 I wouldn’t even be tempted to eat them. 

Let’s talk about applying this to restaurant situations. Say you’re ordering a burger but you don’t want the bun. What do you normally do?  Three options come to mind:

1. Order the burger and eat everything except the bun but risk getting a judgey look of “you could’ve told me you didn’t want it” or some other passive agressive snarky comment (yes, it happens).
2. Explain your present life story of doing the Whole30 challenge and what you can and can’t eat.
3. Lie and say you have a gluten allergy and hope someone knows what this means.

The point of talking about these options is all about will power or really the underlying psychological response we have to food. The more crap you ate before starting the Whole30, usually the worse you feel when kicking food cravings. When you make it about two weeks into the challenge is right about when you can order the burger w/ the bun and leave it on your plate. You can look at it. You can even gum it in your mouth but you will not have any motivation to eat it. If you’ve made it this far into the challenge – congratulations!


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