Whole30 – Day 10 + Breakfast


Yep, that’s #nofilter paleo breakfast. Having breakfast prepared for a week at a time has been crucial to my success on Whole30.  Since last weeks casserole was so good I made a repeat this week. The only difference being that I used coconut oil to grease the dish before adding all the ingredients. I spent way longer than I should’ve scrubbing that dish last week.


If you need the recipe from the chorizo and zucchini casserole from last week here’s the link.


Day 10 was uneventful but on track.  Barre class was challenging because there were an inordinate amount of standing leg lifts (something I’m terrible at). It’s funny how such a small movement can be so humbling. I am also constantly reminded of how inflexible I am when I go to class.  I hear it gets better the more classes you do. 🙂


Lunch that day was half a salad from moby dick.  Yum…meat on a stick.


Dinner that night was…surprise, more porkbelly with avocado, romaine, lemon juice and salt. Party on.

Random tidbit of info. I’m using my LG G3 camera phone for all my pics. As of (mostly) all posts after this one I started using the 13 MP setting for higher quality photos. Curious if there’s a noticible difference.


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