Whole30 – Day 9 + Snacks


Snacks. Sometimes we need them. There are lots of Whole30 approved snacks available out there. I used this Whole30 challenge to try a new one and continue with some that I already know and use. We’ll start with larabars…

I needed to replenish my Whole30 approved emergency snack stash and saw these bags at Whole Foods. Mix and match bars and get 10% off! I went in thinking I was going to be stuck with a whole box of the coconut larabars but to my chagrin I was pleasantly surprised to get some variety. Not all the flavors are Whole30 approved (you can probably figure this one out if you read the labels).


I just got some Primal Pacs bacon infused sticks (think slim jim or beef jerky) in the mail after seeing a promo on the Whole30 Instagram page. Got them in the mail today and they’re pretty good. They definitely have some of the natural snap you would expect from something with casing. Consider these BLDPaleo approved as well.

I can’t say that I would want to eat these regularly (I’m not independently wealthy. Tragic.) but these would be amazing to have on a road trip or flight when there aren’t any real healthy options.  

Day 9 has been very normal and on track. Clothes still fit the same but I have noticed rings to be loose on my fingers.

Looking forward to spin class this week as the class just got a couple additions. Working out with friends is the best!


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