Whole30 – Day 8 + My Goals


In addition to doing the whole30 I also decided to set some additional goals to follow during the month:
1. Get 8+ hours of sleep.
2. Have a glass of water with lemon juice from half a lemon.
3. Barre class 3x’s per week
4. Spin class 1x per week.
5. Share the experience using social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress).

Another goal could be to stop using a scale if you have one. Think about all the times you’ve hopped on and been disappointed with the number that comes up. Why not ditch the scale and pay more attention to how your clothes fit. It’s a lot more rewarding to fit into those jeans you haven’t been able to wear in a couple months than to stare at a number that just makes you feel bad.

When setting goals just remember to keep them realistic and reasonable.  I always think of the whole30 as kind of a science experiment on your body. Take away a few inputs and see how the outcome changes. Unless you’ve done it once before it can be challenging to know what kind to goals to set. Have fun with it and be honest with your meals.

Quickly looking back on week 1 all my workout goals were exceeded. I made it to all three barre classes and spin class as well as took a longer 14 mile ride on the weekend as well as a couple extra yoga classes in the evenings. Lemon water in the mornings is on track. The problem areas have been not getting enough sleep and being a couple days behind on sharing the experience on this blog. Other than that a successful week 1!

Don’t forget, if you want to follow along on Instagram or Twitter, you can find me as precisepilates.


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