Whole30 – Day 7 + Staying Strict

Having a meal that you didn’t prepare yourself can be risky. Going through the specific list of whole30 items that are allowed we see that canola oil is actually (reluctantly) allowed.


So the two instances dunring week 1 where this has been an issue was at two places: whole foods and chipotle.

Whole foods has a pretty awesome prepared food hot bar and salad bar but you have to be careful and read labels. Even something healthy like grilled asparagus has canola oil in it. Whomp!


Thankfully there were enough options to make a suitable choice and stick with the plan.  A large container of braised kale, salmon and veggies worked out well for lunch on day 7.


Then there’s Chipotle. Last time I did whole30 I learned that soybean oil (not allowed) was used for the steak, chicken and barbacoa, leaving the pork carnitas to be the only safe bet. I was so excited to share that I had managed to have a whole30 meal at a restaurant only to find out that all of their meats are now cooked in some kind of seed oil (rice bran oil or sunflower oil; here’s the nutrition info). I guess it’s not the end of the world but without writing too much more and going further down the rabbit hole, let’s revisit the reasoning and wrap things up.


Seed oils should be avoided in order to reduce inflammation and support healthy immune function according to the It Starts With Food book (see the cheat sheet here). 

At the very least this is still a learning experience the second time around and it will be interesting to see if I have a noticible response to anything I’m eliminating if I happen to reintroduce them in the future. 


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