Whole30 Day 6 + Porkbelly


Porkbelly…the only food I love more than bacon. True statement.

Day 6 was great. It’s a treat to be the only person in a bar not drinking alcohol. As the night gets later, people start getting more awesome. It’s basically people watching at its best.

Ok, ok so back to day 6. Cravings had basically subsided. I added an apple to the food agenda and I think it helped me to deal.

Two highlights of the day for day 6; exercise and food. I managed to get on the bike for 14 miles as well as had my best meal of this whole30…porkbelly salad with romaine, avocado, sea salt and fresh squeezed lemon juice.


First I seared the porkbelly in a pan with some ghee. Then I let it rest for a few minutes, sliced it and salted it.


Finally it went on top of this delicious  salad. So that’s it. Day 6. Success. Done.


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