Whole30 Day 5 + Casserole Recipe


Day 5. The first day during this Whole30 that I went to hang out with friends at a bar. It is definitely strange to not have a drink when you’re at a bar with all your friends who have a drink but I think they understand. Or they make fun for 5 minutes and then we move on.

Breakfast was still casserole and lunch was still porkchop and broccoli. Lets recap the recipe for the casserole, shall we?

1 dozen eggs
4 zucchini
3 chorizo sausage
1 onion
1 jalapeno

Pre-heat oven to 375 degrees. Coarsely chop the onion and zucchini and place in a baking platter. Finely dice the jalapeno and add to the veggies. Squeeze the chorizo out of the casing and crumble on top of the veggies. Break the dozen eggs into a bowl. Mix. Pour over the veggies. Bake for 50 min or until the top starts to slighlt brown.  Viola!


Pretty simple and you can be creative with this. So many combinations of sausage and veggies.

Cravings were noticeably deteriorating today. Felt a little thinner in the waist. Possibly a little more tricep definition coming through thanks to all the pushups and weights in barre class.  Yay.


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