Whole30 – Day 4 + lunch


So here’s my lunch for the week. A delicious and juicy bone-in porkchop cooked in ghee with a ton of steamed broccoli. Make sure to pick out a cut with a little more fat. You’ll thank yourself with flavor later. I’m still trying to play with ratios so with this meal I was targeting about 30% protein and 70% veggies.

Meals are going well and I’m eating enough that I feel full but I’m definitely still having cravings. Specifically I’m craving those Haribo gummy cherries that I get once or twice a year from the German deli. They’re so good but I really don’t need to be thinking about them for the next month.

I’m still drinking a glass of water with lemon juice every morning and I successfully made it to barre class Mon/Wed/Fri morning this week.


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