Whole30 – Day 2 and Late Kickoff

I know, I know.  It’s been a while since we’ve talked.

Also, I understand you’re wondering why we’re starting with Whole30 day 2.  All of your questions and more will be answered below.

First things first.  Whole30 program started yesterday.  What is Whole30?  Well, it’s really similar to Paleo (the way most of my crossfit crew knows Paleo from Patriot Crossfit).  The main differences are as follows:

1. No paleo treats.  Don’t go thinking you can live for a month on Paleo pancakes and breakfast muffins.  I knew exactly what you were thinking.

2. All types of potatoes are allowed.  These would have to be the home prepared variety…as in, no you cannot stuff your face with freedom fries for a month.  If you can prepare potatoes at home then go for it.

3. No butter.  You can use ghee or clarified butter.

Otherwise, Whole30 is basically the same.  You can eat wholesome, healthy and non-processed foods for a month.  You might feel awesome when you’re done.

So yeah, my personal Whole30 program started yesterday.  I have a fabulous friend that’s getting married in October and between Whole30 and doing yoga and barre we’re going to be ready for this wedding.  I also just spent the last two weeks in Spain and France indulging in way too much food.  So…no further questions, let’s move on.

That said, if anyone wants to join us for the rest of August feel free!  We’re sharing food photos on Instagram (follow me on precisepilates or just check out all the photos under #Whole30). There’s a couple others who are not doing Whole30 but instead committed to dry August.  

Let’s chat a little about day 2…

How did I feel?  Energetic.  Hungrier.  I thought I would only need one slice of my breakfast casserole (zucchini, chorizo, eggs, onions) but I was still hungry so I had a second and boom. Satisfaction indeed.  I’ve also been starting my day with a glass of warm water and fresh squeezed lemon juice (half a lemon) to help with liver detox and digestion.  This can also help with poop. Yes, I said it.  Poop.

What did I eat?  Breakfast casserole and organic coffee (black).  Steak salad for lunch. Ceviche for dinner.  I ate slowly but enough so that I wasn’t hungry.  I will cover recipes for these meals in separate posts.

Consider this post the official kickoff for Whole30.  


2 thoughts on “Whole30 – Day 2 and Late Kickoff

  1. Sounds like a good August plan, I’ve been told that potatoes are actually paleo, but that you should minimize intake because of their starchiness and carbohydrates, although it’s not widely accepted in the paleo culture.

    I would join you from California but I had some fried calamari and freedom fries for dinner last night, HUGE FAIL (although the ribs were worth it). Stomach was definitely unhappy with me too, not going to do that again. Biggest problem with CA is that I can’t find grass-fed pork, which means I’m buying bacon from Whole Foods and TJ’s which is definitely far below the stuff you can buy at the Courthouse farmers market or from Heritage Hollow Farms.

    Good luck with the challenge and great post, still expecting to see you out here soon!

    • Yeah I was kind of surprised about the potato change but I eat so few that it won’t make a difference. Thanks for the support from CA and yes…see you soon!

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