25 pounds of meat will fit in my…

…freezer! In my freezer people, c’mon.

Ok, so I’m really excited today b/c I got a package in the mail from Berriedale Farms in Williamsville, Virginia.  Berriedale Farms raises grass-fed and finished Red Poll Cattle which are a breed known for producing quality product (e.g. meat) while grazing on grass only.


I found Berriedale Farms in the Virginia section of EatWild (a collection of farms that will sell pastured meats and other items online) b/c I was looking for other pastured options other than the Courthouse farmers market.  Berriedale offers several options for delivery but what interested me the most was their Urban Wrangler package which is 25 pounds of grass-fed beef.  You get steak, roasts, stew meat and lots of ground beef!  For $200 + shipping they will wrap it all up and ship it to you via UPS one day delivery within a 5 state area (VA, DC, MD, WV and NC).


The entire ordering process was quite easy.  I worked with Nelson to figure out what cuts I was most interested in and in the end this is what got delivered: ground beef, bone-in beef blade, short ribs, liver, London broil, eye of round, cube stew, mock tender, filet and some deliciously fatty looking steaks.  mmmmMMMMMMMMM!


If you do end up ordering, make sure you have enough room in your freezer.  Nelson was kind enough to let me know about how much room to allow.  As you can see, it’s a little tight but it works (even with some veggies, coffee and a bottle of black cherry Effen & Stoli).


The only thing left for me to do now is thaw a few of these steaks and get grilling.

Thank you to Nelson and Lizzie at Berriedale Farms for giving us more options to buy quality local, pastured/grass-fed meats and allowing us to support local farms!  As consumers, we all have a vote in who we choose to support and I try to support local farms as much as possible.


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