BLD Paleo Resources

So you’ve made it this far…nice work. Time to learn a little more about the paleo lifestyle. Here’s a list of things that have helped me stay on paleo or get back on track when I’ve strayed too far off course.

1. Pyrex bowls
2. Podcasts (Robb Wolf’s Paleo Podcast, Relenless Roger and the Caveman, Balanced Bites)
3. Coffee
4. Grocery delivery services

1. Pyrex bowls

You can NEVER have enough of these around the house. Try not to use the plastic Tupperware containers and definitely don’t ever microwave food in anything plastic. Who knows what is leeching into our food. If you don’t mind doing dishes then I recommend few small Pyrex bowls for breakfast, a few larger ones for lunch and then a few 3-4 qt size containers for storing leftovers.

2. Podcasts

Want to learn more about paleo but hate to read? Slow day at work? Drive to work and need something to take your mind off the traffic? Podcasts.

If you have an iPhone just go to the podcast app and download a few. I dabble in Robb Wolf’s Paleo Solution, Relentless Roger and the Caveman Doctor and Balanced bites. You’ll find various takes on paleo and sometimes they go off topic but in general you’ll pick up some knowledge here and there.

3. Coffee

If you attended the paleo challenge kickoff then you probably heard Brian talk about coffee. Sometimes I love when obvious truths are stated. You don’t need to put all that junk in your coffee if you’re drinking good coffee. Sorry but Starbucks is absolute crap. Why else would you want to load up on sugar, milk and other artificial flavorings. Just drink an effing cup of quality coffee.

My favorite…Zeke’s Coffee. It’s a Baltimore based small batch roastery. Get the charm city blend.
If you want to splurge…pick up a chemex too! I bought one this past summer.


4. Grocery Delivery Services

I’ve used two different services. One, b/c I wanted to force myself to incorporate local seasonal veggies that I wouldn’t normally buy and two, b/c I wanted to get my hands on some delicious pastured meats from polyface farm. Basically you set up an account, place an order and food shows up at your door in boxes w/ freezer packs. Then you don’t have to go to the grocery store (as much) and you’re supporting local farms. Win, win.

Washington’s Green Grocer I used for veggies. Relay Foods I used for the polyface farm meats.

And finally, in case you were wondering what I had for dinner tonight. It was whole foods hot bar. A fist sized piece of roast (fattiest chunks I could find) and raw veggies in balsamic and olive oil. I was a little hungry after that so I ate a few tablespoons of kerrygold butter. Don’t judge!



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