Opening Day of the Paleo Challenge

Staying strict during a five week paleo challenge is totally possible. The key is to plan ahead.

Planning ahead means you already know what you can and can’t eat or you better know how to figure it out on the fly. It also means that Sundays are going to be dedicated to cooking amazeballs paleo deliciousness.

This blog is hopefully going to keep me (and possibly others) on track, motivated and full of awesome paleo food during the challenge. I will primarily be sourcing recipes from the following two cookbooks:

1. Practical Paleo by Diane Sanfilippo
2. Paleo Slow Cooking

The main guidelines are:

1. Meat w/ every meal
2. Lots of veggies
3. No fruit or nuts
4. Healthful carbs only following a workout (unless you’re really trying to lose weight and then you skip this completely)

Ready? Go!


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